The City And Me | Pardubice City Gallery


THE CITY AND ME opening on 30 June at 6pm in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The group exhibition is curated by Lucas Cuturi and is presented across four different galleries spaces (East Bohemia Gallery, Fresch Gallery, Art Space NOV, Pardubice City Gallery). The exhibition will run until 30 August before moving to Linz, Austria and Genoa, Italy.

Participating Artists: Mihai Sălăjan y Sergiu Sas (Arad); Hermano Noronha (Aveiro); Leonard Sherifi y Luca Staccioli (Genoa); Zsolt Iochom (Harghita); Petter Solberg (Kristiansand); Rossella Piccinno (Lecce); Markus Hofer, Martin Sturm y Evalie Wagner & Teresa Fellinger (Linz); Simona Zemaityte (Kaunas); OffCity Collective, Lukas Hajek y Jan Zdvorak (Pardubice); Belén y Patricia Sandonis (Valladolid); Jonas Anicas (Vilnius); Luiza Margan y Maja Rozman (Zagreb).

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